Repairs and Renewal

 As those of you who joined us for a lovely and very well-attended Carol Service before Christmas may remember, more lights went off than we had intended when planning the magical, candle-lit ambiance!

The electrics and audio system in church have been entirely up-graded this last year and are now fully within safety regulations. The original wires were damp as were most of the ones under the stone floors. Richard Dakin with Andrew Brass [Westmorland Electrics] did a great job renewing them all in armour-plated cable.

However, the reason everything went pop at the Christmas service was that we over-burdened the system using plug-in electric heaters, power for the organ and finally an urn to keep the mulled wine warm.

The generous gifts and fund raising support have made the upgrading possible and we do thank you. The next year will see further improvements as we apply for grants to replace the whole heating system and tackle vital roof work. We have to go carefully because, as you know, you have a Grade I parish church and many eyes are on us to ensure all is done well and in good order.

Have you seen the two page description/photograph of St Lawrence in the recent republishing of ‘ Cumbria: Cumberland, Westmorland and Furness’ in the Buildings of England series by N.Pevsner and M.Hyde published by Yale in 2010? Worth a look.

Alex Barbour

Secretary to PCC

Architectural details, images by Steve Holroyd