About St.Lawrence’s Church Photographic  Archive

We hope that you enjoy our Church spiritually, socially and aesthetically.  This glorious sandstone building dates from the C13th, but worship at this site is at least as old as the Saxon cross that stands (sadly headless now) by the well-trodden path that winds through its lovely churchyard. This site has been venerated and loved for ages and you can feel the history of worship within. The atmosphere inside is pregnant with grace; some find the very scent of the place wholesome , calming, and conducive to prayer. Many find a contemplative stroll through its well kempt grounds very soothing.

The visitor is immediately and permanently impressed by the nobility of the structure and the sense of love of God that has inspired its features, added sympathetically over the ages by the area’s great families, the Dent family of Maulds Meaburn and the Threlkeld family. This is a Church of great character.

There is a scaled-down grandeur to St.Lawrence’s Church architecture that seems more reminiscent of a fine medieaval cathedral than a small country church. Earlier commentators have quite rightly noted that the tower with its offset octagonal spire serves as a fine local landmark.

There are many features that inspire delight and joyful contemplation: the lovely old Westmorland hump-backed bridge across Dalebanks beck, the distinctive wrought-iron  gate (traditionally bound shut at weddings by local children to extort a small toll from the groom), the fine Norman porch with its characteristic arches and cris-cross carving, the rich stained glass windows within and the gargoyles that leer down from its stately tower.


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